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Adobe Skills is an an independent organisation that provide both skill development and skill testing in the Adobe range of products.

Tests and tutorials have been developed by experienced Adobe certified instructors.

Skills Development

Skills Assesment


Purchase a course of tutorials in any of the following Adobe® Products
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It is a generally accepted fact that hiring people without the right skills can cost an employer between 20% and 100% of the employees wages.

In the graphics world, employers often have difficult in asessing a candidate's actual skills.

By checking a candidate's skills using the Adobe Skills system during the pre-employment process, companies can be cofident that the candidate has the skill that they claim.

Employee Development

Both employers and employees benefit from the on-going training and development of employees.

Adobe Skills provides the means for line managers and HR to monitor the effectiveness of training and skill development.

Schools and Colleges

The Adobe Skills system provides a simple, constant and cost effective means to both test and assess the skill development of students, and to benchmark the class as a whole.

The tutorials provide both

Training Centres

Adobe Skills provides many benefits to training centres:
  • Industry recognised certification at a variety of levels, from basic user, through power user to expert.
  • In class tutorials, both as part of the class, and as an aid for differing levels of students within a class.
  • Post class tutorials.


Proof of skill levels

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